Sunday, September 04, 2011

❀ Flower Power ❀

Summer is coming to an end...and that means the flowers are starting to die and the plants are no longer green. Now I won't pretend to enjoy gardening, but I do enjoy looking at all the different flowers in the garden. So in one last attempt to keep summer around for a bit longer, I decided to make some flower cupcakes.

I'm not the best at Royal Icing Flowers but I gave it my all, and I think they came out decently.

I love how the luster dust looks! I tried for so long to find some and I finally did! If you're looking, I got mine at Michael's in Winnipeg.

We also made some changes in our household yesterday! We picked up Brenda from the airport and she'll be living with us for the next ten months! :)

Apparently I can't make it the size I want, so sorry if you can't read them!
Taadaa! Welcome here, Brenda!
It's off to work for me later today. And hopefully some more summer cupcakes tomorrow!
Take care,

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  1. Wow - what talent Sydney - your grandparents "K" know you are pretty special, but didn't realize the depth of your talent!!