Where am I at?

Alrighty, my readers. I have finally figured out how to create a new page! Hooray for me!
So this here page is just some random information. In case you want to contact me or ask me a question...preferably about baking, but I'll try to answer anything. Well..I'll draw a line at some questions...but you get the point. Talk to me. I love talking. Talking is fun.  And fun stuff is usually good stuff.

I'm on Facebook! Because really, who isn't on Facebook nowadays? Really..my dog has Facebook (That sounds like a joke but it's really not).
So check it out: Like me on Facebook!

And I suppose you could email me. If you really want to...go for it!
Send me a technologically advanced letter to here: bakers_heart@ymail.com

I'm also on Pinterest! So feel free to check out my "Baker's Heart" or other boards! http://pinterest.com/bettycrocker11/

And as always, leave me comments! I love hearing from you!


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