Wednesday, September 28, 2011

False Black Forest Cake..THE WHITE FOREST!

I have let myself fall behind with my blogging. Shame, Sydney, shame on you. So be ready for a snowball of posts over the next few days!

One thing you should know about me is that I love short cuts. Not cheating, just faster ways of doing necessary tasks. One of those tasks being leaving the kitchen to walk to the grocery store to buy an ingredient I thought I had but actually didn't.
Some may think of it as lazy, but I prefer the term innovative. Using whatever I find lying in the fridge or pantry I can usually come up with a make-shift ingredient to make my recipe work!
My example from last week being Black Forest Cupcakes. I had the cupcakes all made and hollowed out for the filling when I realized that I had no cherries.....dundundun! No fears, I found some mixed berry jam in the fridge and decided that would be close enough to cherries for that particular recipe.

Taadaa! Filled the cupcakes with Jam! And they didn't really taste like Black Forest...but they were pretty close. So I have decided to create my own cake flavour: WHITE FOREST! haha, I think that may be copyrighted...but oh well!

Yum, right? Yes, very much so! I enjoyed  them quite a bit.
So if you're ever in a pinch, I give you full permission to use my idea of White Forest Cupcakes. And I promise not to sue you for stealing my idea. :)

Have a great evening,

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  1. Hi Sydney,
    We had the pleasure of taste testing the white forest cupcakes and they were delicious. Thank you. We cannot wait to sample your next invention in the kitchen xoxo g&g k.