Thursday, August 02, 2012


Good day, y'all! A good day indeed. Can you believe that summer is half way over already? That's crazy! But it has been wonderful thus far and I only expect it to get even better! I haven't really had time for much baking but I'm not complaining...I've been pretty occupied with other stuff.

I've been working at Winkler Bible Camp and it has been a party, let me tell you! There's so much awesome stuff going on at camp I don't even know how to explain it! To sum it up: God is just so sweet. Over the week and the weekend camp I helped out with, five of my campers became Christians!!! FIVE! It was so amazing! All my girls have been super sweet and really obedient, I had zero issues in my cabin.

Ya, so I've just been chillin with my awesome campers and a bunch of super cool staff. Needless to say, I haven't had time to miss baking. But now that I'm home for a few weeks I thought I would get back on it.

And that I did.

Hamburger anyone?

Yaa....that's a cupcake. But it looks like a hamburger? Ya it is! BAM!

I've been itching to make these guys and were they ever a blast to make. Okay, I guess that depends on your definition of a blast. If your definition of a blast doesn't include two hours of baking, another hour of dishes and a kitchen that looks like a bomb just exploded....then I can't help you. But for cereal, these are great.

So how does one make a cupcake hamburger? Well you start with some ground just jokes, don't do that! Maybe try making some brownies first!

I just halved my brownie recipe because you don't need much. And I spread it out in a cookie sheet because you want it to be pretty thin.

Then whip up some vanilla cupcakes. I added some yellow food coloring and used wholewheat flour to make them look more "bread" like.

I used silicon liners for my cupcakes because you won't need to worry about a decorative liner and they're easier to clean than baking directly in the pan.

And that's it for the baking part of it. Now the real fun begins! Okay so first you want to wait until both the brownies and the cupcakes are cooled. And after that the fun can begin!

As far as icing goes, I stuck with my favorite vanilla butter cream and colored it with Wilton Gel Colors. Green for lettuce, red for Ketchup, and or course yellow for mustard.

The best part of these cupcakes is that they're part of the "no tip" icing family. What does that mean, you ask. Well let me explain. When you use an icing bag you usually use a tip and a coupler. Now these two things are wonderful, but man are they hard to clean. So "no tip" decorating is when you don't use either of these things. Which means less dishes!

So just fill the bag and snip off the ends. I gave the "lettuce" a bigger hole just because I wanted to make sure it looked different than the other condiments.

I hope you all appreciate the extra work I put into making you a step-by-step tutorial on how I did this. And now you have no excuse to not try it out yourself!

Alright, after your cakes are cooled you can begin to assemble the hamburgers! Now is the time you'll want to cut each "patty." I used a two inch round cookie cutter to cut the brownie up.

Then grab a knife and cut each cupcake in half, to create the top and bottom of each "bun."

Take one of the "patties" and place it on the "bottom bun." I put a small dollop of icing under it just to make it more secure.

Now it really doesn't matter what order you do the "condiments" in, I just grabbed a bag and went with it. So taking one of the bags, pipe a sloppy line around the outside of the burger.

Get the next bag and do the same thing.

The only thing is to make sure that the "lettuce" is different than the others. I made it more squiggly and thicker.

Alright, so grab the "top bun" and use a food-safe paintbrush to rub a little bit of water on the middle. Then sprinkle some course sugar on it, to look like the sesame seeds. You could omit this step, I just thought it made them look more realistic.

And lastly, place the "top bun" on the burger and you're good to go!

 These are so much fun for a BBQ or a camping trip!

And that concludes my picture tutorial for the Hamburger Cupcake! I had so much fun with them. I'll warn you though, you might not want to eat them afterwards because they're so stinkin' cute!!

Well I'm off to plan some last minute details for a wedding cake! Woohoo! Ya man. So anywho, you have yourself a good day and we'll be in touch again soon!


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