Sunday, July 08, 2012

Every Summer has it's Story

Hello hello, all. I know I've been gone for a long time again, but no worries. I have not forgotten about you, oh no I have not. I was just busy letting life happen and that life doesn't happen when I sit at the computer and write on this here blog. So I'm sorry...but not really at the same time.

So where have I been you ask? Well let me just tell you that. I've been at Winkler Bible Camp doing their Leadership Development Program. And that means that when I'm done with that I can work at the camp and stuff so I'm excited. Yup so the last week has been crazy busy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's been so great, the people are amazing and the things we do are just as amazing. It's been challenging but that's kinda the point of pain no gain, right?

Over the last week I've had some great opportunities to serve others and to live beyond myself. We had some great session thrown at us about a multitude of topics from serving to prayer to love and everything in between. We also got to spend a day helping out with a cabin full of kids so we could experience a day in the life of a counsellor...and man, was that awesome! To finish up the week we got to head out to TeePee Village and spend the weekend roughing it out in the goonies. Ha, okay it wasn't bad at was so much fun.

So my week was top notch and this coming one is bound to be the same. We have a few more session and then day camp! Stick around my blog to get an update about how everything goes.

So obviously I haven't been baking while at camp...because well that would be kinda hard to make that work. But I did squeeze in some last minute baking before I headed off to camp.

As I guess lots of you know, I love baking for other people and since the school year was over I thought the staff at my school deserved some snacks. And I did just that.

What does summer mean? Well Popsicles and bright colors of course! And cupcakes...well cupcakes belong in any season...but you get what I'm going for at least.

Yup so I guess these are pretty self explanatory as to how I made them...

But I shall explain anyways!

Okay, guys...this is gonna get tricky so read carefully.

So you basically want to grab some Mike and that? good. Now take a toothpick and cut it into thirds...okay here comes the tricky part.

Take one of those toothpick pieces and stick it into the flat end of a Mike and Ike...and BAM! Candy Popsicle.

Alright I hope you got that...if not, here's the link I used for some inspiration. It's a super sweet site with simple solutions for simple people. Sorry about all the S's in the sentence :)

And that's that. No excused to not try these out...they're so easy and my teachers loved them!

Okay well I have so much stuff to get done before I'm off to camp again I should go do that. Thanks for stopping by. I'lll see ya around here more often, I promise!

Take care,
Sydney :)

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