Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Rare Beauty of a New Life

Well once again another holiday has come around. I like Easter, a lot. It's fantastic on so many levels. We had a small family get-together yesterday at my house. And let me just tell you how that went.
Okay. So my mom and I were going to make buns and make them look like little bunnies. Yup, that was the plan. Well my mom gets up and starts to make the bread in the bread maker and soon smells fresh bread...a loaf of bread...not just bread dough. So needless to say, we ate that loaf of bread for supper that night.
Round two.
Alright this time we changed it up, cheese straws. Okay that sounds weird....basically they're just super skinny bread sticks with cheese. Well apparently the dough we made felt like being uncooperative and not rolling into sticks. So our cheese straws soon became cheese biscuits.
Third times a charm?
Lemon Easter bread. Okay so we make the dough successfully and proceed to place the pans in the oven to rise for an hour before we shapde it into buns. Ha. We than decided to pre-heat the oven so it'd be ready for the buns........the oven that had the pans in it. than we just had really flat loaves of bread. They did taste good, but they were very flat.
Was any of our baking successful? Well yes. Despite our 3 failed attempts we did end up with a lovely meal and a fantastic day with the fam jam.
Now for dessert I called dibs on making a my house this is necessary. After claiming dessert duty as my own, I was left to decide what to make.
Of course!
I made a chocolate cake with chocolate mint buttercream. While shopping the other day we stumbled upon some weird icing flavoring stuff from Duncan Hines. It's intended to add to store-bought icing...pfft who buys icing? But I got a couple packs of the chocolate mint flavor and added it to my own buttercream. And I was very disappointed. It kinda didn't make my buttercream taste any different than usual. I speculate that I didn't have enough for the quantity of icing I had...I'll report back after I give it another go.
I made a ferrero rocher filling for the cake. Now after searching thee web for hours I couldn't find a recipe for this I made up my own. I tried to keep track of what I did, so here it is:
Ferrero Rocher Cake Filling
  •  16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • 1/3 and 1 Tbs icing sugar
  • 3 Tbs water
*Crush up the chocolates (I found this easiest to do with them still in the wrapper) in a bowl
*Add the icing sugar and water, mixing until it becomes a spreadable consistency
Something like such ^^
To decorate the cake I made fondant calla lilies. To do this I just cut out a triangle of marshmallow fondant and rolled it into a cone, stuck a yellow tube in the middle, and used food coloring to paint the insides yellow.
Those Duncan Hines flavor thingers did give the buttercream a nice color, one point for them!
Well, that's all I have for ya today. Have a blessed Easter and fantastic weekend,

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