Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Because Who Really Likes Football?

Dear my beautiful blog readers,

Throughout my blogging life I've let you in on a few of my favourite tips and tricks, along with tid-bits of random information about myself. Well today let us continue this.. tradition, shall we call it?

I hate football.

Like actually, I don't hate a lot of things. I'm pretty tolerant of things I don't approve of or enjoy. And sports are not my strong point, I do not understand the enjoyment of watching them and I am lacking 100% of the skills to play any of them. But football...football falls into it's own category. I just don't get it! I don't enjoy basketball, but I can grasp the game. I don't find soccer interesting, but I can follow the plays. But football? It just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

So why, you ask, do I watch football? Ha, well once a year I do like to take the opportunity to socialise in the way of watching the Super Bowl. That's football right? ...or is it the Stanley Cup? Grey Cup? Who really cares knows?! But anyways, I was invited to a Super Bowl watching...event...party....get together (Please forgive my lack of vocabulary today). So being the social butterfly (or not) that I am, I accepted the invite as a chance to make cupcakes!

Yes, despite what you may think, I DO go some places without bringing baking!

Now I don't want to toot my own horn, so to say, but these were a hit. Chocolate covered strawberries are immensely popular, who knew? But now I do... and will be incorporating them into more baking because of it!

I don't have much to say tonight, but I hope you'll pop by again. I have a few things coming up in the next few days that I am incredibly excited about, and I cannot wait to let you in on them.
Now I'm hungry for chocolate, thanks guys.
Wait? You're saying that's my own fault?
You're probably right!
Have a gooder,

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  1. Syd, you're fantastic and so is your blog! It made me smile :)