Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Peace, Love, and Volleyball

You know how I'm not a big sports fan? Well just to throw you off, here's some more sports themed cupcakes!

But I can explain! I really can! It was my friend's sister's birthday the other day...and I was honored to be asked to make some cupcakes for her.

Chloe. She is just fantastic. I almost couldn't believe when I was told this was her 15th birthday...I am apparently very poor at knowing peoples' ages. But anywho, she is a doll and these are her cupcakes.

Now here's another thing you should probably know about me. I do not, in the least, enjoy working with fondant. I can do it, I don't mind the flavor, but that's about it. It's a pain and lets be honest, 9 out of 10 times people don't even eat it. But here's the other thing...I love sculpting with it. I can appreciate it when used to form toppers and such. And that is just what I did.

My other "secret" weapon is my food markers (these are real, I promise). What a fabulous idea they are! I mean, who doesn't like coloring? And who doesn't like food?

If you raised your hand for any of those questions...now would be the appropriate time to leave. Now.

Just jokes, I kid you. Please stay. But do re-consider your morals.

Okay now I'm a pretty humble gal, I'd say. But can we be honest and just gush about how cute these are?! I'm that kid who doubts her abilities of doing something she's never done...such as making a fondant volleyball. It's just a ball, right? But it's solid white...making it hard to create a realistic volleyball. But I'm pretty darn proud of how these guys turned out.

Yellow is Chloe's team color so, naturally, that's where the yellow came from. Five is her number...any guesses where the #5 came from?!
Ah, you guys are so smart!
And to top this post off, here's a picture of the beautiful birthday girl with her cupcakes!
Haha, this is what winners look like.
Happy Birthday, Chloe!
Take care,

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