Friday, June 14, 2013

Some Sugar for you, Sugar.

Ahh it's been far too long since I've been here chatting with you lovely folks. So here's the deal: cookie Friday.Yes.
People make cookies on Thursday and hand them out to other people on Friday. It's fantastic. I had the best intentions of making a huge cookie Friday post with all the cookies I've made for this event...and then my camera decided that was a bad idea and deleted all my cookie pictures. Darn.
But here's an old adventure I didn't get around to posting until now!

First of all, if you don't like sushi...get out. Now.

Just jokes, please stay. But really, once you've had good sushi you'll be hooked, I promise. And if not (there's probably something wrong with you, first off), maybe you'll like this version of sushi.

Candy Sushi.

My mother found this recipe in the Readers Digest a while ago, and I made sure to save it so I could experiment with it. And that's just what my sister and I did.

The actual recipe can be found here, or you can just kinda do your own thing.

Basically you wanna get some fruit leather, or fruit roll ups. With the fruit roll ups you'll need to line up several stripes to get one roll, but it worked for me.

We used a Ziploc bag for a rolling matt to make the process easier.

You'll also need to whip up a batch of rice krispies and some candy (stuff like gummy worms and licorice).

Alright, so once you've got the fruit rolls laid out, put a scoop of rice krispies on top of it, you'll figure out portions and stuff as you do it.

And than you want to put some candies on top of the rice krispies.
And than start rolling it up!
Taa daa! It's just that simple.

Proceed to chop it into bite sized pieces and shove the left over candy in your mouth.

I'm gonna give you all a warning before you run off and make this...the sugar will hit you eventually! You can practically taste the pure sugar when you eat this....but you only live once, right?
Go out and do something fantastic today! Enjoy,

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  1. What a great idea, even the kids will finally eat sushi :)