Monday, April 15, 2013

Always Time for Polka Dots

Phew, I have so many posts to write! I've been waiting for peoples' birthdays to pass so I could  blog about their cakes...and patience is not my strongest virtue. But the weekend has passed and that leaves me with 3 adventures to blog about! Woohoo, gear up for a busy next few weeks here!

My polka dot themed cake came together quite nicely. I didn't end up using the little balls of fondant, but I got over it pretty quickly! And to my delight, the cake was the exact height of two rows of the fondant circles...thank goodness!

So how does one go about making a polka dot cake? Well let me just show you the method to my madness!

Sprinkles: make the world go 'round! And they make cake look pretty too! My fear when I add sprinkles to cake batter is that everyone will think it's one of those "fun-fetti" cake mixes....*shiver,* never I tell you! Never!

Vanilla was the selected cake flavour with a real raspberry filling. A filling which was....EASY! Wooooo!

Raspberry Cake Filling:
  • 2 cups raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 3/4 cups white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
*Heat the raspberries over medium heat until they are soft and mushed (a very correct cooking term)
*stir in the sugar and cornstarch, heat until thickened
*Taste test it and add more sugar if necessary
* Let it cool before spreading between cake layers

After the filling I just iced with my vanilla butter cream and placed the fondant circles around the cake!

Okay, are you ready to hear a funny story? Ha, okay here goes!

So on the top of the cake I had piped in white icing "Happy Birthday Itsy!" and than planed to place colored sugar on the lettering to make it stand out. you know how much time it takes to place each individual grain of sugar?! Answer: faaar too long!

So I ditched that plan and decided to use food coloring to "paint" each letter. It look pretty cool, I must say.

Until the next day....

...all the food coloring had spread across the top of the cake! The top of the WHITE cake! My mother found this disaster when she woke up and quickly scraped the lettering off! This left a cool tye-died effect (I pretend I wanted it to look like that).

Well, anyways, I ended up running around town trying to find some nice candles, which is surprisingly difficult! But I found some cute ones from Co-op and the cake was saved!

And no one has to be the wiser..well except all of you guys. But you can keep a secret, right? Good, I thought so. You're all gems.

This is the beautiful birthday girl! Today she turned 11! Woohoo, what a fabulous age! Happy Birthday, Itsy!
Thanks for stopping by again, feel free to check out my new page I've added to my blog, "Where Have all the Cakes Gone?" A page featuring some of my work with their owners...I'm not sure if owners is the right word, but I lack a better one therefore it will have to do.

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