Friday, November 30, 2012

Once a Princess, Always a Princess

Tutorial Alert! I've been wanting to get to this one for a while now, but life happened and I got caught up in various things. So here I am now, and I am still very excited about this cake!

The background of the cake you ask? Well one of my co-workers asked me to make a "girly" cake for her sisters, one of my previous youth leaders, daughter's dedication. Not gonna lie, "girly" was a hard theme to narrow down! I literally spent hours just thinking of all the possibilities. But finally I decided upon this here cake:

I did a similar design on a previous cake made for no occasion in particular. But absent minded me forgot to take pictures of the process and therefore I never made a tutorial. Does anyone even try my tutorials? Hmm...who knows. Either way, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read this,

What does one need to make a cake like this...what shall I call it? Fish scale-type cake...or something like that. Well it's pretty simple actually:
  • Cake to be decorated (mine here are two 8" round vanilla cakes)
  • Icing in the color of your choice
  • Icing bag(s)
  • Large round tip and coupler
  • A spoon or offset spatula (either will work)
  • Patience!!!
So start with the usual, you know things like fill your icing bag and stuff. For this cake I didn't crumb coat it but if you want a thinker layer of icing than go for it.

Alright, let's begin. Take you icing bag and pipe a dot on the bottom edge of the cake.

With the back of your spoon (or spatula) flatten the dot, pulling slightly to the right

Pipe the next dot on the tail of the previous one. Continue going around the cake until the first layer is completed.

Once you get to your starting point, your dot may be squished and kinda ugly, but once the whole cake is done I promise you won't even notice it.

The top is the same idea just with a slightly different angle. When you get to the middle, add a few dots in the centre to fill it in completely.

That's about all, I believe. Now the ombre coloring is totally optional, I just thought it was
super girly. And for that, I shall share my action plan:

So  basically make your icing and add a very small amount of whatever color you are using. Pipe the first row around the bottom of the cake and empty your icing bag into the remaining icing in your mixing bowl. Add a few more drops of the color until you notice a subtle difference. Re-fill the bag and do the next row. Continue this until you finish the cake.

Near the end of this, I had a really hard time darkening the pink so I added a few drops of red to make it different.

And that folks, is how your make a scale...cake. I really need to come up with a more creative name for this.

Thanks for joining me here on this lovely Friday evening.

Stay warm,
Sydney :)

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