Friday, November 09, 2012

Forget Love, I'd Rather Fall in Chocolate

Well Halloween has come and gone once again, and just like every participation was limited to baking. How can one not bake when pumpkins and ghosts are in season? That only has the potential to be the cutest thing ever baked..well maybe not, but pretty close.
Well regardless, my third annual Halloween-baking-for-my-classes continued into my final year of high school. Once again, it's the days I bring baking that you would never believe how many people wish they were my friend...and the main reason people like me is revealed!

Just as a catch-up, since I haven't been blogging for the last three years, these are my past (and most recent) pumpkin themed desserts. I have to say, my first ones (the bottom left) are still my favourite. I literally spent days making each little pumpkin and giving them all different expressions.

This year, since I was feeling so adventurous, I did some pumpkins AND some ghosts. I'm brave like that.

I call this picture "Ghosts in the Pumpkin Patch." So if one day I die (which according to science, is inevitable) I'm requesting that this picture be printed and hung in a museum somewhere near the Mona Lisa. I'm trusting you, my faithful readers, to take care of that. Please and thank you.

These pumpkin guys, I must admit are not my design. I saw them somewhere and I cannot for the life of me remember which site it was! But nonetheless, I loved the idea and adapted it to my own use.

I used the #70 leaf tip for the orange part; starting from the outside of the cupcake and working my way to the middle.
For the green leafy p
arts, I used the #66 leaf tip, just slightly smaller than the one used for the orange-ness.

These guys are great. Not to throw my own parade, but they are adorable. Let's be honest.

And not only are they just the cutest, but also the easiest to make!

Yes, it's the whole deal, folks.

Take y'er  #12 big circle tip..ha forget that. Cut the end of a piping bag and don't even dirty a tip! Self-proclaimed laziest baker on earth, right here.

Okay so now you're wondering why after posting a picture of four different ghost guys, this cupcake gets it's own picture. Well let me tell you! THEY'RE TWINS! Twin ghosts. Ghost twins. Ha, I thought they were extra cute because there's two of them on one cupcake. Like double the cuteness.

Well even though Halloween was over a week ago, I still felt the need to do a Halloween post.

So that was it.


Happy Halloween!

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