Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Do you ever wish you could rewind time and live a part of life over again? Or maybe have the pleasure of experiencing something you weren't around for? If such a magical event really did exist...I would love to go back a few hundred years and see life in the 1800's. Just to get a sense of life before technology picked its way into our world and captivated everyones minds. Not that I'm bashing technology..I do enjoy it and see its value. However, I do wonder what life would be like without it.

Now anyone who's been reading my writing for a while will be aware of my laziness when it comes to baking. Who cares if the recipe says to mix one thing in one bowl and another thing in another bowl and then add them together and so on and so forth. Really? I have neglected to do that in almost every recipe I use...and has a disaster every occurred? No, not one that wasn't fixable! My point, you may be asking? Everything used to be so much easier! None of this complicated garbage that wastes your time and energy. Plop everything in a bowl and throw it in the oven and walk away until it's done.

And to the point of this post.

Whenever I think of old school mind always wanders to cinnamon. Why? I have no idea. Don't question my wandering mind. Now according to my googled sources...waaay back in the day,cinnamon had a value of approximately five times that of silver! Man, that's just crazy! But nonetheless...cinnamon is a grand thing.
And since I do enjoy baking grand things, I created some cinnamon cupcakes.
Now would usually be the time when I switch to purple font and share the recipe with you. Buuut well..I kinda, maybe, sorta, perhaps might have forgotten to use a recipe.
But I can guesstimate how I made these beauts.
So if you refer yourselves to "my" vanilla cake recipe you'll find the basis for my random baking session. And from there..I added some cinnamon until it tasted good. I think I added about a teaspoon to the batter and then using just a basic buttercream I added some cinnamon to that also.
After piping the cinnamon buttercream I sprinkled them with a cinnamon and sugar mixture and topped them with glazed cinnamon sticks and some of those nasty little silver ball things...those were kinda more for looks than taste...because lets face it, they taste gross.

What is that antique looking book in the background, you ask? Well it's just that. I tried looking for a publication date but failed to find one. However, I can tell you that it's extremely old and falling apart that the seams. It's from a local antique store, I believe. And I haven't tried any of these recipes but I sure do plan on it...and of course you will hear all about it!

And that about sums up this post. I have a major back-log of pictures that are awaiting a post to accompany them, but I'm slowly making progress. Yet I'm still baking and's a never ending circle. But never fear...I'm getting there.

Well I guess it's time to go enjoy some tea and a good book. So toodles to you, my darlings.

Stay warm and have a splendid evening,

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