Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Cake Fit for a King

Well here we are, less than one week from school starting. I can't believe this time of year came around so fast. Summer usually passes pretty quickly but this year was ridiculous! In a good way of course. As I've mentioned multiple times already, camp was wonderful! But not gonna lie, it will be good to get back to the routine of school. Weird that that is exciting to me...but it really is. Well maybe not the early mornings but other than that, I'm excited. Nerd Alert...I know, I know. But hey...I am okay with that now.

So this here, is what happens when my mom goes to Winnipeg for the day and leaves me home alone. Don't panic, guys, I cleaned it all up before anyone got home.

Now I'm not a big fan of fondant...I know, as someone who loves decorating cakes that sounds odd. But I just don't enjoy it...working with it or eating it. But when someone asks for a fondant cake, you suck it up and make a fondant cake for them. And that is what I did.

A Knight's Castle was the theme for this birthday party. The birthday boy, you ask? My sister's little nephew.
Now since fondant and me don't get along very well...I had prepared myself for a very testing cake...but to my surprise it wasn't bad at all. Well, okay, my fondant riped in one spot..BUT! Syd the Baker, can she fix it? Syd the Baker, YES SHE CAN!  Sorry, I got a bit excited there. That was the time when the little decoration guys came in handy and you can't even see the rip.
The main part of the castle was made with my usual vanilla cake but to make it more interesting, I added some sprinkles to the cake batter prior to baking it. And then it's iced with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The towers were made with chocolate cake and the same icings.

For the towers, I was a bit unsure of how to go about them. I started with the idea of covering paper towel roles with fondant...but if ya can't eat it, it's lame! So I had to make them edible. So long story short I made a sheet of the chocolate cake and cut out circles once it had cooled. Icing the circles was a bit of a struggle but I got 'er done.

To finish it off, I dusted some luster dust on the castle and added a door and some grass around the castle. And that, was my castle cake.
I'm told the birthday boy and his friends loved it and that is all I was aiming for.
Well folks, that is the just of what I had to say today..but before I go... I have one thing to ask of you. Facebooker, have you liked my page yet? If not, go forth and do so! (here it is)
Have a happy Sunday and may your back to school season be wonderful.
Love always,
Sydney :)

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