Thursday, March 08, 2012

Houston, We have a Problem

So I've been absent from the blogging world lately, I know. And I'm deeply sorry. However, you'll have to put up with it for a tad bit longer.

I went snowboarding last weekend.


Let me re-phrase that.

I fell down a hill with a board strapped to my feet last weekend.

And on my first attempt down the bunny hill (a.k.a. the hill that's about the size of a snow drift) Imanaged to sprain my wrist. Hellllooo three hour hospital visit.

So I'm typing this chicken-peck finger, one key at a time.

This has also led to a shortage of baking...since it seems pretty challenging with one hand. I guess I would usually be up for that challenge but I'm been preoccupied with school work lately too. So unless you're up for a chemistry or physics lesson instead of a baking blog...just be patient with moi.

In the mean time, I've decided to re-surface a few of my old creations. So take a looksy and tell me what you think :)

Summer cupcakes for an end of school party last year. it.
Red Velvet cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Cinnamon Bun Cupakes. One of my favorites.
Spring time Nests
Watermelon Fondant cake.

Also, this is my new obsession. It's so great. Like the best. Ever. Evers. I don't know why but it's just a super cool song with an even cooler message. Giver a listen.

And that's about all my chicken-pecking finger can take for today.

Goodnight my dear followers. Sleep tight.
Sydney <3

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