Monday, November 07, 2011

The Chocolate Chip Cookie; Remix

Remember when you were a kid and chocolate chip cookies were the best food ever? ....Well maybe that wasn't just when you were a kid. But my point is: Chocolate Chip Cookies are irreplaceable.

And just because I find it totally necessary, I will share some awesome baby pictures of my sister and I.
Chelsea's 1st Birthday
My 2nd Birthday
How cute, right? Well the point was not to show-off how we were as kids, but more to demonstrate that chocolate chip cookies are all the rage, even 17 years ago.

My mom is clearly a professional giant chocolate chip cookie maker, and me..well I'm just an amateur. But nonetheless....I am extremely pleased with my very first cookie pizza. This idea came from the Pillsbury website:  the Jingle Bell Cookie Pizza.

But don't be fooled! I may be an amateur cookie pizza maker...but I'm not new enough to fall for their advertising ploy. Who pays money for pre-made cookie dough? Okay, wait. I admit to doing it a few times....when I really just want to eat the dough and not make cookies. But that's a whole different story not for this post.

BUT! I'm getting distracted. Sorry. This pizza was so simple to make and apparently tasted really good! I, however missed a chance to eat any of it. In hindsight I should have cut a piece for myself before giving it away.... darn it.

Taadaa! It was so easy, I made it into a four-step recipe...It's like a picture book, except not really. But kind of, in a way. AnyWHO, I'm getting distracted again.

So basically, you make a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and spread the dough on a pizza pan (1), leaving an inch or so around the edges for expansion. After it's fully baked, about 20ish minutes, sprinkle the top with mini marshmellows and smarties(2). Put it back in the oven for a minute or two until the marshmellows start to puff up(3). Finally, drizzle with chocolate (or caramel) sauce(4). Now the key thing is to let it cool off before trying to move it...unless you want a disaster in your kitchen. So let it sit on the pan for atleast on hour before transfering it to a serving dish.

See? Super easy...and yummy!

Good bye, chocolate chip cookie lovers <3

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