Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And So Normal Life Resumes

Merry Christmas!
I just wanted to drop in one more time before the Christmas season comes to a close to wish you all the best this time of year. I can only imagine how many gatherings and services you all attended, how much turkey, steak, and stuffing was eaten, and how much love and presents were exchanged between families and friends.
I, for one, had a fantastic Christmas, as my family always ensures. I spent Christmas Eve at home with my immediate family and Christmas day with the extended family in Winnipeg. When all was said and done, I couldn't have asked for a better family to get to call mine.
I also have a few baking projects from the holiday season that I wanted to share before it was too late. Enjoy :)
A tangled mess of Christmas lights on chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Cupcakes in homemade cupcake jars! The lids are made with caulking and lots of sparkles!
Peanut butter, chocolate dipped Bugles! I must toot my own horn, these are incredible!

Powdered sugar snowman donuts for Grandpa! A childhood favorite!
Did someone say Gingerbread time?!

The Gingerbread Village created by my mother and I.
Now I've saved the best thing for last...hold your horses everyone. This is going to be good!
.......are you ready?...... it comes.........


Taaadaaa! Business cards, stickers, and a personalised notebook for my "business!"
Well, I won't take up too much of your time on this fine Boxing Day. So go forth and be merry!
You are all a blessing to me,

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