Friday, May 04, 2012

If love was water, I'd give you an Ocean

Lately I've been in a summer-kinda mood. And it's not really summer yet. And it's actually pretty cold outside today. And it feels more like Fall then spring. And I keep bursting into random singing sprees...of Christmas songs.

But if summer refuses to show up, don't you worry your pretty little minds (Any Taylor Swift fans out there?). I've managed to catch a few pieces of summer and create my version of an edible summer.

Okay, maybe not of a whole summer...but a day of summer...

On a cupcake.

Because lets face it, everything tastes better if it's made into a cupcake.

I mean a beach is great. I love the beach. But it's a tad chilly to have a beach day right now.

So I had my own little beach my kitchen...while it was raining...

Taadaa! If you can't go to the beach, create your own! And that is precisely what I did.

These are my lovely Bare Naked Cupcakes... that are no longer bare naked. But lovely, nonetheless.

My wonderful, amazing, beautiful, crazy talented friend, Abbey, had a birthday a while ago...and these were for her (PS. check out her blog. Just promise not to leave mine because you like hers more).

Don't panic! I promise I did not rub sand all over the cupcakes to make them look like the beach. No no. I'm not that crazy.

Brown sugar.

Looks just like sand.

Thank you, Cake Boss, for teaching me that.

As for the water...I had a small struggle to create that. But I surprised myself once again and was able to get creative.

Want the down low?

The inside scoop?

My super secret recipe?

There is none.



There's no surprise!

I am 100% not capable of making my own piping gel. But thanks to Wilton's Sparkle Piping Gel, that's not even a problem. Blue food coloring it up, and welcome to the ocean!

Pineapples remind me of summer too.

And of Florida.

Do pineapples even grow in Florida?

(pause for a quick google search)

Yes, they do indeed. In fact, a very unreliable source tells me that Florida used to be the largest pineapple producer in the world.

And my other very wonderful, darling, gorgeous friend, Jaidyn, had a birthday just yesterday! And she has a weird (in a loving way) obsession with pineapples.

Marshmallow Fondant has become my friend lately. It's so versatile! Flowers, lettering, borders, animals, surfboards, and pineapples. Or anything else not on the list!

And on that note, I shall sign off!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it :)

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  1. all i want to know is why are the cupcakes on my floor? and where are they now !