Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Big Ol' V-Day

Hello all. Let me fill you in on a few things.
1) Today is February 7th.
2) February 14th is Valentine's Day
3) Seven days from today (February 7th) is February 14th (Valentine's Day).

Let me continue with these points.
4) People like eating chocolate on Valentine's Day
5) But more than chocolate, people like eating homemade food
6) Fact number six is not a fact... more of an opinion.

Shall I make some more points?
7) I might because I'm just that bored
8) I probably will not because I don't want all of my new followers to leave me
9) Savour this point, it is the last one.

Okay, that's enough nonsense for one post. Back to the real world. I have been flooded with Valentine's Day baking ideas for the last month. This may be partially my fault since I spent lots of my time scrolling through baking blogs. However, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Now one of my favorite bloggers over at Glorious Treats has some crazy talent! And these cupcakes were inspired by her.

Well, hers are chocolate and mine are obviously not...but the key word was "inspired." It's such a simple technique but it looks super duper wonderful. Now I ran into a problem because I didn't have a small enough heart-shaped cookie cutter but I made it work. You'll see in the center cupcake in the picture above that the bottom of the heart seems to be unattached. That's because it is. But I managed to piece it back together and all was well once again.

Now to do this, simply over-fill your cupcake liners and bake some cupcakes. Once they have cooled slice off the top, using the liner top as a guide and then cut out a heart-shape from the middle with a cookie cutter. Then spread some frosting on the cupcake, with a small mound in the middle area and then plop the top back on. I sprinkled the hearts with coarse sugar to make it sparkle but do as you'd like. Be creative with it.

Now these guys here, are also super easy. Alls I did was pipe a large swirly on top of the cupcakes and place a fondant heart on top. To make the hearts I just rolled fondant and used a cookie cutter to cut out some hearts. After they had hardened for a few hours I wrote on them with some food markers and plopped them down on the cupcakes.

So with Valentine's Day right around the corner, what are your plans? Anything special? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well I'd love to know how you celebrate, if you care to share.

One more note: the little heart guy in the middle of the previous picture. He was made from the cutouts from the other heart cupcakes and I just iced two of them together. Oreo Cakester anyone?

Okay well that is all for today. But stay tuned for another Valentine's Day post coming up very soon. Oh, and want to do me a favor? Why not share my page with someone. And then you can say you got me a present for Valentine's day :)

Happy Monday,
Sydney <3

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